Getting Started


Thinking about taking a dance class but would like to see what it is all about first? Our staff welcomes you and your dancer to come in and see all that our studio has to offer, from the classes, to the facility to the family friendly environment. We would like to invite your dancer to try a class for free to see what N-STEP Dance Center is all about.  Please contact us today via email or phone and indicate the class that you are interested in to ensure that it is a good fit for your child. 



Class Length and Performances

Tiny Tots – weekly 45 minute class. Our littlest dancers will be performing 1 dance in the end of the year Recital held in June.

PreDance – weekly 60 minute class. These dancers will be performing 1 dance in our Winter Showcase and 2 dances at the end of the year Recital held in June!

KinderCombo– weekly 75 minute class. These dancers will be performing 1 dance in our Winter Showcase as well 2 dances as the end of the year Recital held in June!

STAR CARDS - A fun way to reward students for attending and behaving in class!

The first week of class, all of our Tiny Tots, PreDance & KinderCombo will be receiving a Star Card. This card will have the student’s name on it and it will be their responsibility to hold onto (put it in their bag, in their folder, etc). At the end of each class the kids will bring their cards to the teacher and they will receive a STAR stamp on their card. Once they receive 4 stars, they will have a chance to take a prize from the Prize Basket! This is a great way for the kids to “see” their achievements week after week and they get excited each week to see how close they are to receiving their 4th STAR for their special prize!


We understand the stressors that can make weekly dance class difficult for the parents of preschool age children. Getting dressed, hair done, shoes on, getting to class on time, remembering the dance bag, etc. are all part of the weekly grind. Just remember, you’re doing a good thing. And aren’t they cute in their leotards? They’ll be even cuter in their recital costume at the end of the year!

The following is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about possible behavior and how to make the most of their dance classes.

What can I do to help my dancer at home?

Frequently asking questions like “What did you learn at dance class?” or “Can you show me something from dance class?” will help jog their memory in between lessons. Also, listening to music and clapping to the beat will help them when it comes to learning their recital dances. Many have not mastered the concept of “the beat,” but will improve with help.

Why can’t I come in the dance room and watch class?

We have found that these age groups are easily distracted. The teacher only has limited time each week with these students, and we expect quite a bit from them. Having extra adults in the room makes it more difficult for the children to pay attention to the teacher. Having mommy sitting in the back of the room saying “listen to the teacher” usually doesn’t work, and distracts the other students in the class as well. We want our dance parents to have the freedom to stay and watch through the window, or leave and come back at the end of class.

Why does my child throw a fit when it’s time to get ready for dance class, but is all smiles when class actually starts?

This behavior is definitely most common in Tiny Tots & PreDancers. That age tends to be homebodies. They don’t want to leave their toys, TV, siblings, etc. to go to class. They also don’t want to stop what they are doing to change into leotard and tights. Once they get to class, they have fun! If you have trouble motivating them to get ready for class, try this: Get them ready at the dance studio; just plan on being 5 or 10 minutes early for class. Bring dance clothes and always have hair supplies in their dance bag.

Why does my child seem so distracted during class? Is she not paying attention?

If it looks like all your child does is make silly faces in the mirror or stand and watch everyone else, that doesn’t mean they aren’t learning or paying attention. Give them time. Some of our best dancers spent their first few classes standing stone still, crying, or just being silly. It just takes some children a few weeks to be comfortable enough with their surroundings to fully participate. Don’t worry, this is totally normal!

What should I have or not have in my child’s dance bag?

It is best to keep it simple. They should have ballet shoes, tap shoes, and some extra hair ties. Some parents keep an extra set of dance clothes in the bag “just in case.” Leave toys, books, games, makeup, etc. at home. Don’t forget their Star Card!